Nancy Bardeen, Vice President Nancy Bardeen, Our 1st Vice President, has a son serving in the Army and previously the Marines as a Senior NCO, and has served in Iraq. Her brother also served in the Navy. Nancy, an RN, works with patients with dementia and mental health diagnoses such as schizophrenia, Bi-Polar, and depression. She would like to talk to anyone about how Blue Star Mothers can help service people and families.

Joyce Mader, President Joyce Mader, our President, has a long history of Military Service exposure. Her father and father-in-law served in the Pacific in WWII, her husband was a Vietnam and Cold War era Officer, her brother served in Germany, and her sons served multiple tours in Iraq (one was injured in an IED attack). Joyce is looking forward to helping all current and former service people and their families.

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Officers and Appointed Positions

Joyce Mader

1st Vice President
Nancy Bardeen

2nd Vice President - Canteen Chair
Linda Green

3rd Vice President - Project
Valerie Haynes

4th Vice President - Hospitality


Peg McCarthy

Financial Secretary
Bobbie Metcalfe

Beth Olsen

Nancy Bardeen

Corresponding Secretary
Bobbie Metcalfe & Jean Burlingame, PNP

Jane Hallstead

Peg McCarthy

Patriotic Instructor
Anne Wido

Publicity Chair
Laura Evans

Membership Secretary
Bobbie Metcalfe

Sgt. At Arms
Linda Green

Blue to Gold
Jean Burlingame, PNP & Valerie Haynes

Brian Mader

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